Tuesday, April 12, 2011

A second day of congratulations- FrivolTees

We had our first ever tie this week on the Team Undiscovered treasury challenge, so today I'm featuring our second winner, FrivolTees.

I asked Laurie, owner of FrivolTees to tell me a bit about herself and her Etsy shop. 'I have always been surrounded by boys. [I grew] up with 6 brothers, then [raised] 4 boys with my husband, so my girlish side was a tad suppressed, to say the least. When my little girl was born, that was the go sign for my creativity. There was someone else to delight in all things whimsical and frivolous! Hence, my "frivolous" little company was born!'

'My main source of inspiration is my kids. I would never have opened this shop if I did not have them...I have tried really hard through trial and error, and a turned up little nose from my little girl, to create what is easy to use [and] interesting for children.'

'I love to work with color. I love picking out and coordinating fabrics and ribbons, [and] illustrating and coloring my [creations]... I [draw all of] the artwork and illustrations used in my shop. [Recently], I really broadened my materials list, trying to find something that interests my little girl or her brothers.'

'In the future, I would love to [continue] creating full-time and sending my creations worldwide. I am also working on several children's books (writing and illustrating) and would love to be a success at that [too].'

'I would like to close with a HUGE THANK YOU to all of my fellow Etsyians. I would not be a featured winner in this challenge if it weren't for you!! Etsy has been such an inspiration and a blessing for all of us creative people out there!!'

You can check out Laurie's shop FrivolTees here, and see her winning treasury here.

Want to be featured next week? Be sure to play tomorrow when the theme will be 'April Showers'. Please wait till Wednesday to make your treasury so it'll count! Rules will be up tomorrow as well as a place to post your links.

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  1. Hi, congrats!!! Great artist with such unique and full of life items! Lovely!
    Oana (WannaHM)


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