Monday, June 6, 2011

Let's all congratulate Hundchen, this week's winner!

You voted, and you decided that Hundchen's heavenly treasury Our Father is this week's winner!

I asked Natalie, shop owner of Hundchen, to tell me more about herself and her Etsy shop.

'I started creating very recently, but I think it runs in my blood. My mom owns her own jewelry shop, [which] is the reason I got into Etsy... I decided to gear my craft towards dogs because I've always felt a strong connection and love for our four-legged friends.'

'I love being able to give back to animals in need by selling something that I enjoy making!' At Hundchen, 25% of each sale (including shipping) is donated to the Humane Society of Utah, a local no-kill shelter. And, until the end of June, an additional 25% will be donated to Etsian, ClaudiaBruno's animal rescue Calliope Rescue in Boston, MA.

'I wanted to make items that would fit any occasion and anyone's personal style. I lived in Hollywood for a while and always saw people and their dogs dress[ed] alike, going out in style. I wanted to make that option available for people without [having to spend] an arm and a leg at a Hollywood dog boutique.'

'My favorite things to work with are dog booties! I love being able to make something unique that you can't buy anywhere [else]. I start[ed] with a base pair of booties and [have] grow from there. I've recently started branching out into hats and accessories as well.'

'It's hard to categorize my work with just one genre. One day I'll be making cutsie pink dog shirts and the next day I'll make a steampunk top hat! I absolutely love doing custom work for people, so if you have any ideas in mind, let me know!'

'In the future I hope to be able to expand my inventory. I am trying to branch out into areas that are neglected and help cater to every need and desire.'

Check out Natalie's creations for your fashionable furry friends at her Etsy shop Hundchen, and help support some good causes too!

Want to be featured next week? Then make sure you play with us on Wednesday when the treasury theme will be I need a vacation! Anyone can play & get creative with the theme, it can mean anything to you! Just remember to wait till Wednesday to make your treasury so it'll count!

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  1. Very cool and that is the cutest dog ever :)


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