Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Let's All Congratulate Snucky, This Week's Challenge Winner!

This weeks Treasuries where out standing as per usual.
This weeks winning Treasury White Light and Flowers was the one you voted for which makes this weeks winner Snucky 

We asked Snucky about her self and her shop along with some other questions ...here is what she had to say.

8 x 10 Print Wizard of Oz Tin Man Fairytale Painting

I've always been pretty creative, I remember forcing myself to eat about 50 Kit Kats when I was a child in order to make a giant silver cardboard robot because I didn't know that foil could be bought in rolls. The robot had a door in its chest in which I'd made a scrolling 'television' screen out of a roll of paper and two tubes - an ingenious feat I don't think I've matched again yet.

Since then I studied art at school and after a few years of having no clue where I was headed (including working in a card shop, a call center and selling wills, bleurgh?) I ended up on an Illustration degree which I love, and about a month ago I began selling on Etsy (or perhaps, 'set up my Etsy shop' would be more accurate, as I haven't sold a thing yet).

My favorite materials to use are definitely gouache paints, because I love how bright and opaque they are, etch printing, because of its lovely wispy texture, and I have just started using felt to make 3D toys because it turns out I like to sew too.

I think my personal style revolves around things which make me happy when I make them; I'm quite a fan of big-eye art, bright colors and tangible little things which can grow to have sentimental value - like the toys I'm making now. I like things which I can get my hands involved with because it makes me feel like I've been able to put my stamp on what I'm making.

I get a lot of inspiration from fairy tales and the fantastical worlds they create. I think there is a saying that "reality is never as good as fantasy"; that may not actually be true, but fantasy is pretty blooming good in my opinion. I've had a very vivid imagination since childhood, which came in handy when playing 'maid and princess' with my sister when we were young (my imagination made sure I was a very convincing princess you see).

Now that I'm older, my imagination makes sure I have enough new ideas to keep on with what I love (although, like everyone else I do occasionally have very frustrating moments of having zilch ideas or motivation).

What are my plans for the future? Ooh I have no idea (see, it's one of those moments). I know what I'd love to do; I'd love to make a full time living from making wonderful art I enjoy and selling it on Etsy, but whether or not that will happen, only time will tell.

Aside from Etsy, my life is full up with animals and books. I live in a little rented house with my partner, Chris, who is studying to be an architect, our three dogs, Toby, Jack and Daisy, and two tortoises, Matilda and Ingrid. And we have four very full bookshelves, three of which belong to me :)

I love to write and have a blog which I update a lot. I would really love it if anyone would like to follow it. You can find it at; www.etsysnucky.blogspot.com/.

And that's pretty much me. x

Snucky;s Etsy shop can be found here   go pay her a visit and spread the love

This week's theme is 'Easy Living'. Remember this can mean anything to you ...get creative and have fun...
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