Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Let's All Congratulate AdorningAglaea This Week's Challenge Winner!

This weeks Treasuries where out standing as per usual.
This weeks winning Treasury Old, New, Peachy & Blue
was the one you voted for which makes this weeks winner AdorningAglaea

How did you get started creating
**** I'm a high school art teacher, so after a conversation with my students about all of their preparations for prom, I worked up some sample designs and they gave me feedback about the designs I created.
I really wish I came up with these a year earlier so I could have made them for my mother and mother-in-law for my wedding. My mother-in-law did have the opportunity to wear the classic corsage at my brother-in-law's wedding, which she was thrilled about, but I would have loved to have given them these for my wedding!

What are your favorite materials to work with?
***My designs for Adorning Aglaea typically have limited materials to choose from, but I really love finding pieces with unique shapes, love the pale pink peacocks that I worked into the Elegant Corsage Design and the turquoise dragonfly I worked into the vibrant design.
At my day job.. I have the opportunity to work in a number of mediums so I'm currently working on a watercolor painting and I also have a photography shop on Etsy called Oh Snap Art.

What is your personal style?
*** I love things that are bold, eccentric and unusual with a bit of humor worked in! I love deep colors especially purple and orange together. I can not bring myself to paint the walls in my house white, or close to white colors. When I make treasuries on Etsy, I love to look for things that have quirky designs, like a mix tape clutch that put in a treasury called A Very Merry Fresh Prince Summertime. (I live and grew up in Philadelphia, and this was a homage to the summers of my youth)

What inspires you?
** I think sometimes inspiration can come from meaningful experiences like playing as a child in my grandfather's rose garden or it can be found in something simple like a cool piece of fabric.

What are your plans for the future?
*** I honestly appreciate feedback because I want to ultimately design a product that is everything that my customers are looking for. I've had a number of friends give me suggestions, so I hope to take those and continue to explore variations and adaptations.
I'm currently working on a set of 3 pin styled corsages for a wedding that incorporate interesting feather combinations, which I think is going to be beautiful for the fall. I'm also working on another pin corsage designed around a birthstone color, from a husband for an expecting mother. I thought that was a great gift idea.

Is there anything about your life outside of Etsy you'd like our blog followers to know?
***Like I said earlier, I'm a high school art teacher and I think the etsy community is a great forum for promoting, endorsing, supporting the arts. I hope that those of us who support the creative spirit continue to demand that education be more than just a multiple choice test. It's been scary to see the arts and other contents that demand higher order thinking skills are extracted from education and then we wonder why our kids aren't competitive with other nations.

Please feel free to include anything else you think is interesting/important to know about you, your creations, & your shop.
**** I'm currently offering a 25% off sale. Enter THANKS4THELOVE to receive the discount. If you add my shop to your favorites, you will be able to receive additional sale codes in the future.
FYI about the name: Aglaea was one of the three Greek graces (or charis). She was the grace of splendor, beauty and adornment, so I thought she was a fitting muse for my shop's name.
Lastly, everything I make is one of a kind, and designed around my customers needs, so if anyone were to have questions or inquiries, please feel free to convo me.

Thanks for taking the time to read about my shop!

So will an awesome offer like that how can you not go and visit AdorningAglaea

This weeks Challenge will take place On Wednesday and the theme this week is Christmas in July ... remember this can mean anything to you so get creative and lets produce some awesome Treasuries.....
if you want to know all about Christmas in July go visit Etsy HERE

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