Monday, May 16, 2011

Let's All Congratulate CarlasCreativeCorner, this week's winner!

You voted...and this week, you decided that you loved being Outside in the Garden. So let's congratulate Carla of Carla's Creative Corner, this week's treasury challenge winner.

I asked Carla to tell me a bit about herself and her Etsy shop.

'I've been doing art work for nearly as long as I can remember. My mother use to draw pictures for [my siblings and I] (I have four brothers and sisters) and I think that was an inspiration to me. I began drawing profile portraits of lovely ladies for my classmates in the first grade. Using a first grader's favorite medium, crayons, they were very colourful. The kids would put [in] their orders for blonds, brunettes or redheads!'

Nowadays, Carla's medium of choice is watercolour, though she does experiment with coloured pencils. 'I take my camera with me everywhere to capture subjects for painting. Living in California, I am surrounded by beauty. One of the prints featured in my shop is of Burney Falls, a lovely place to visit and find inspiration.'

'I'm kind of casual country...But you know what they say, "Creative minds are rarely tidy", so I guess you'd say I'm casual country clutter! I think my art reflects that. Speaking of clutter, my other shop, Carla's Vintage Finds, was started because of years of collecting and being a pack rat [resulting in] a huge need for downsizing!'

'For over 25 years now I have been showing and selling my art at a local gallery, Gallery and Gifts in the next town over the hill. I also do an occasional arts and craft show. It has always been exciting to sell my work face to face at a show but it's exciting here on Etsy too. When I get a convo from someone who has just received my art in the mail to tell me they "love it", well, it makes my day!...My first Etsy customer said she would love my paintings to "grace her home". I loved that!'

'As [for] plans for the future, I would love to get some of those ideas going around in my head down on paper, watercolor paper.'

Want to be featured next week? Make sure you play with us on Wednesday when the theme will be 'Paper Planes'. The theme can mean anything to you, so be creative and have fun!

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