Friday, March 18, 2011

Happy Friday. Get Your vote ON!

Team, I can't stop saying it. You are simply amazing! Please take the time to give yourselves pats on the back. You make such beautiful treasuries and have a fantastic supportive spirit for your fellow teammates. It's often a tough vote, and this week's stunning treasuries are no exception!

Keep up the good work team! I would also like to wish Random Order's Dona a very happy birthday! Possibly, a bit belated because her treasury was for her birthday on Wednesday, but we wish you and your shop much success and many happy days!

Whose shop will be featured on Monday? It's time to vote! Thanks to everyone who took part. Voting will be open until Sunday.

The four finalists this week are:

Me and my heart = home (182 views)

My brown and pink room (114 views)

Japan, You are in our hearts and mind (91 views)

Home is where the heart is (89 views)


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