Monday, March 21, 2011

Let's Congratulate atelierlaforet, this week's challenge winner!

It sure was another close race this week, neck in neck! It must be hard to choose between great treasuries! Team, you're wonderful! And it comes through in your treasuries. You voted, and this week you chose Ronnie LaForet of atelier laforet as your winner!

I asked Ronnie about herself and her Etsy shop.

'...I see life in terms of a little dot motif adding up to a larger picture...I came from a big family that didn’t value the arts, but it was my thing. My family was constantly moving so they just kept throwing all of it out. I made more. In 3rd grade I saw Oldenburg’s “Piece of Cake” and knew I was not alone. I tried to be conventional, but it just doesn’t fit [my personality].'

'Always being from somewhere else gave me the courage to reinvent myself and eventually I did find myself. [I am] a formidable artist with an open mind to new things. I like sharing my work and experience with others. I am that mother who drags her kids to the beach in the middle of the night to watch a comet because I believe experiences are important.'

'...I find my drawings with dots meditative. I think it is necessary for people to stop and make something repetitive to rest your mind. I wish more families made time to share the art of making things with each other.'

'I am currently working on a collection of paintings and starting a blog, “one dot...then another....” which I hope to feature the science behind my artistic endeavors.'

Check out more of Ronnie's original artwork at her Etsy shop atelierlaforet.

And see the winning treasury here.

Want to be featured next week on our blog? Then take part in the Wednesday Treasury Challenge. This Wednesday's theme will be 'Over the Rainbow'. Rules will be posted Wednesday along with a place to post your links on the blog. Make sure you wait till Wednesday to make your treasury so It'll count!

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