Monday, March 28, 2011

Let's All congratulate WannaHM, this week's winner!

Last weeks' treasuries were a rainbow delight for the eyes! We had such a fabulous turnout! Team, you rock! You voted, and picked Wanna HM's treasury 'A Journey to the Rainbow'.

I asked Oana, of Wanna HM to tell me a bit about herself and her Etsy shop.

'[First], I want to thank the entire Undiscovered Team members and [everyone] who supported me and my treasury!'

'I’m a proud mother of a sweet and smart 4 yrs old boy, a wife and much loved daughter of my mom; a graduate of Environmental economy working now as a freelancer. I have a lot of hope, trust and love in my soul!'

For as long as she can remember, Oana has been in love with handmade. 'Around the age of 4 or 5, I first learned to make a crochet chain. My dear and beloved grandmother taught me to do it, and in a day she had everything around the house wrapped in crocheted chains. After [that], she taught me to sew. I remember I sewed a lot of bags that day. My first handmade inventions surprised my mom when [she came] home [to] find my grandmother cooking in the kitchen, her feet in beautiful handmade bags wrapped with cotton crocheted chains.'

'My next major steps in handmade followed with making friendship bracelets in high school (with an enormous selling success), then in university I started painting on stones. I decorated a hostel with my painted stones during a two week holiday. After graduation, I had less time for my passion, but at my last job I used a lot of my crafty abilities and my other big love, photography and photo editing, to make graduation diplomas, certificates, class albums, and motivational pins, to name a few. And finally, after our baby boy was born I fell in love with decoupage and home d├ęcor.'

'Since I was a child, I was imaginative and innovative...[W]hen I wanted to do something I always found a way to do it – even if it meant [teaching myself].I love all kind of quality art and love to do [many different types of] crafts and handmade a word, everything that involves the privilege to use my imagination and my hands.'

'My Etsy shop is actually the [result] of my dear friend Meds; she rekindled my passion for handmade things and encouraged me to open my shop. Wanna HM =Wanna Hand Made and has a double meaning for me because my name is Oana [which is pronounced] “wanna”!'

Oana uses only the highest quality supplies. 'Quality is very important to me. Even if I have to order some [supplies] from abroad, I [don't] make any compromises on this standard. Because of my love for the environment, which inspires [many] of us so much, I [try] as much as possible to use non-toxic, ecological, and natural supplies. Also, I intentionally avoid over [packaging] my products and I use recycled [packing materials].'

'I haven’t had the time to post all my items yet, but I promise that in my shop you will find only high quality items, made with lots of passion, love and attention! Please come by to see my work. And because my shop [is just getting started], I prepared a surprise gift for the first buyer!'

That's right folks! Oana is still waiting for her first sale, so make sure you check out her shop, Wanna HM, and show her and her beautiful items some love!

Want to be featured on The Undiscovered blog next week? Make sure you play with us! Anyone can play! This Wednesday's theme will be 'French lavender'. Be creative with this theme, it can mean ANYTHING to you! Check back on Wednesday for contest rules & to post your treasury URL. And please remember to wait till Wednesday to make your treasury so it'll count!

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