Sunday, February 27, 2011

Barter Sales Project ( Undiscovered Team Only)

Do you have under 20 sales.... would you like more ?... yes?

Then this project is for you.... 

Confused then please read this thread   

This will help you understand why this project is taking place.

All sign ups must be completed by Sunday February 27th

Barter Sales Project ( Undiscovered Team Only)

1. Make sure your shop is On the List if you "want In"
2. Make sure your designated $5 items are up and listed by Sunday Night.
3. Tag your items "BSP" (Barter Sales Project)
4. List these specific BSP items as "free shipping"
5. If someone purchases from you, you MUST in turn purchase from them. This ensures the Barter of sales and no loss of money....
6. When you purchase you then List the shop you purchased from on the blog (more info to follow) as we NEED to have somehow to monitor fairness as this seems to be an issue with other teams....
7. Spread the Love

 Monday will be the first Set of shops. These are the shops you shop from that day... when your transaction goes through that shop MUST return the favor and purchase from your shop. I understand that everyone is Busy and have lives,jobs,family etc... but if you play you must try your hardest to abide and reciprocate as swiftly as possible out of common courtesy.
Tuesday the second set goes up and so on....

Once you have shopped please come back to the team forum (where there will be a thread) and state which shop you brought from.
 IF for some reason there are Participants on the list that did NOT get a sale... We are designating a day and a separate list at the close of the week to ensure they get a sale/sales....
This will happen Saturday or Sunday.

Happy Sale Everyone..lets have fun and keep this fair.

Sign up is here

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