Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Get Your Treasury Skills On! The Wednesday Treasury Challenge

Welcome to our special edition of the Wednesday Treasury Challenge. Since it is dragonflymom Charisma Valentine's second time winning the treasury challenge we're rewarding her with something different.

When you make a treasury this week, you must include dragonflymom's item, the personalized initial flower tag.

The theme is up to you this week! The rest of the rules are as follows:

1) One item per shop
2) Spread the love...please don't include an item from your own shop
3) Include at least 8 undiscovered shops (20 sales or less)
4) Include at least 6 members of of Team Undiscovered (we use the tag teamundiscovered). Team members can count as undiscovered shops if they have 20 sales or less.
-The rest of the items are up to you today!
5) Include the tags: teamundiscovered, undiscovered
6) Include 'Team Undiscovered Challenge' somewhere in your treasury title
7) Write in your treasury description that you're participating in the Wednesday Team Undiscovered Treasury Challenge & include a link to our blog:
8) Post your treasury's URL here to enter your treasury in the challenge!

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