Tuesday, February 8, 2011

I Love to Pounce.

That's right folks its Pounce day

The rules
Pounce on a Etsy shop that is new or has under 20 sales
The pounce button can be found in the buy section of Etsy or pounce a team mate
Write a blog pots about that shop ( tell us about the owner, what they sell, make sure you add a picture of one of their items)

Then come back here and link the post up...
You will see below this post a linky tool and where its says your next click here to enter click that and follow the directions

Go visit other posts from the link and share some love ... also go visit other shops and share the love
Also let the owner of the shop you pounced know that you just wrote a post about their shop ...
Give them the link to your post and a link back here to this blog
Let them know if they would like to join the The Undiscovered Artists of Etsy all they need do is apply and take part in the Treasury Challenge tomorrow (link up here on the blog)
Please do not link to their shop on the linky tool ...link to your post/blog

Pls note we are using a new link up tool


  1. I have made a treasury. It took me an hour. When I was saving it - Etsy said "service unavailable"!!!

    It's so annoying!

    I have to start again... and I have so little time now :-(


  2. And I put this comment in a wrong place! What a day :-)))


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