Monday, January 17, 2011

Congrats to DaSSanaDeZines, this week's winner of the treasury challenge!

Thanks to everyone who made a treasury, clicked, commented, voted, and promoted for last week's theme 'Work and Play'. You make these challenges a success and I for one (and I'm not the only one) appreciate it!

I realize that life is busy for the Etsian so we're trying something new to boost participation in Wednesday TTC's. Each Monday, we'll let you in on a little secret...this week's theme! So you can search for beautiful items at your leisure, pounce, and make a poster sketch. But remember, don't create your treasury until Wednesday. We vote based on number of views, so to be fair, only treasuries made on Wednesday will count! So, on Wednesday the 19th, our theme will be 'Anti Valentine's Day'. Have fun with this theme, it can mean ANYTHING to you. And check back Wednesday to submit your treasuries, you could be the next one featured on our blog!

Now, without further ado, let's all congratulate Jody, the owner & creative mind behind DaSSanaDeZines, this week's treasury challenge winner!

I asked Jody to tell me a little bit about herself, her shop, and her inspiration.

'Well I am fairly new to Etsy, launching the shop in December, Dassana Dezines has been in business for a few years. "Dassana" is derived from the ancient Pali language, meaning: vision, insight, inner vision.'

This single word, dassana, takes many shapes in Jody's life and she has tried to capture this influence in her business' motto "Chasing Vision by all things Creative". A creative soul, Jody has a deep love affair with color and texture, and a passion for her art.

'I spent my life drawing and painting what I see and feel. I love and have always loved paints [of] all mediums. I actually prefer to paint on wood and wood panels as opposed to canvas [and] I love paper and fabric. My coasters are actually made with discontinued wallpapers in amazing designs,colors and textures.'

While Jody has only showcased her coasters on Etsy (so far), her main sources of income come from painting large scale wall murals, designing theater Backdrops, and a large handcrafted gift line(including coasters) that is consigned and sold wholesale to galleries and boutiques throughout the Road Island and Massachusetts area.

'My most recent obsession is creating with upcycled and repurposed materials. [I] call it REVAMPED, [my] version of "Trash to Treasure"....Giving things a second life.'

Dassana Dezines also has a local program, teaching group art lessons using all recycled or repurposed materials.

To find out more about Jody and Dassana Dezines, check out her Etsy site.

Are you undiscovered? Then check out Jody's website Handcrafted Handpainted Haven which features Etsy shops each week!

Check out the winning treasury here

And remember to get your 'Anti Valentines Day' on this could be the next shop featured here!


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