Monday, January 31, 2011

Lets all congratulate AriadnesCreations, this week's treasury challenge winner!

I was floored by the stunning entries for last week's 'Wildlife and Wilderness' themed challenge. we had a great response. Make sure you give yourselves pats on the back for playing, clicking, supporting, and promoting... I think the entries get more beautiful each week!

You voted, and the winner this week is Ariadnes Creations, with the nautical inspired entry 'Oceans 16'. First off, let me say a BIG Happy 20th Birthday to Abbie from all of us at Team Undiscovered! Did you know when you voted that you were giving her an awesome birthday present?

I asked Beverly and Abbie, the mother and daughter team, to tell me more about themselves and their Etsy shop.

Beverly and Abbie's creations were born out of illness, Beverly explained:

'Around 10 years ago [Abbie and I] both contracted a debilitating illness called M.E. Needless to say, we were bedridden for a number of years and have been left with very poor health [ever] since. With all of our previous activities curtailed, Abbie looked into beadweaving- an art that can [even] be done from the bed! My interest was brought about when I saw the beautiful creations that Abbie was designing. And...presto here we are.'

Most of the mother-daughter duo's beadwork features seedbeads, but they love to experiment with any material they can get their hands on. Beverly and Abbie consider the designing process a joy.

Their inspiration come from different cultures, varying from South African stitchwork to elaborate Russian designs.

'Our featured item is one of the latter (an elaborate Russian design). This bracelet is one of Abbie's personal triumphs and favourites. It took numerous attempts, as all the written information was in Russian, [a language] we have no knowledge of!'

Etsy has been Beverly and Abbie's first venture into selling their designs. Health permitting, they are hoping to branch out into a local craft fair, Handmade Mafia.

Give Abbie an awesome birthday present by checking out, hearting, and maybe even buying something from Ariadnes Creation's shop! Or Like them on facebook.

Want me to write about your shop next? This Wednesday's theme will be 'Spring is just around the corner'. Be creative with the theme, it can mean anything to you! But remember to wait until Wednesday to make your treasury so it'll count!


  1. Beverly here, Just wanted to say A very BIG THANK YOU to Teala for her beautiful words.
    Not only have you brightened Abbie's birthday but you've made mine too! xx

  2. congratulations!!!!...I love your treasury and your work!!

  3. what a wonderful write up...and a big Happy Birthday to Abbie

  4. So inspiring! Your work, as well as the treasury, is simply beautiful:)
    All the best,


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