Tuesday, January 4, 2011

I Love To Pounce

That's right folks its Tuesday and we know what Tuesday means...

Its Pounce day....

The rules.....

You must Pounce on a shop in Etsy that is Undiscovered and has less than 20 sales

You must contact the shop you Pounced and let them know you Pounced them giving them a link to your post and a link back to this post.....Let them know you are team Member of this group

There you go two simple rules...

Add your post to the link below...(not in comments pls)
that's add your blog posts not the Etsy shop

If you are unsure of where the Pounce feature is go to buy (in etsy) and scroll down and you will see a feature called pounce to your left


  1. guys you are meant to link your blog posts lol

  2. I thought I understood what 'Pounce' meant but now I don't think I do, could you clarify please?

  3. you find a new shop..a newbie shop..one with less than 20 sales... pounce is a feature etsy has on its buy page...

  4. oOOO~ thanks for linking for me Tatters! X3
    I only saw this post now!

  5. Second Tuesday I am pouncing and I love it! I will come back next Tuesday to share my pounce ;)


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