Saturday, January 15, 2011

Team Spirit

Hello All,
Two suggestions for you today.

Suggestion One

I did post in The Team Forum about calling all sewers ....

I wanted to call you all again ... Non Petit Poppet, Make it Perfect and Monkeemoomoo are all taking part in the flood appeal for the Australian disaster ...

We are self have a team member who lives very closes if not right in the middle of this ..... and I just think as a team there is something we could do to help.... if it was us in the middle of all this just think how heart warming it would feel to know that your fellow team members where pulling together to help a situation that they personally are not effected by.

I ask that if you can sew you pop on over to Non Petit Poppet or Monkeemoomoo ..if like me you cant sew .. here is what I'm thinking.... we do a special BNR and whatever is sold that day is donated I have looked up where we donate to .... Donations ... what do you all think.... I am going to email foggy but I just want some feed back on this ........

My other suggestion is
We all need feed back ... and it looks good when we have sales there on our Etsy page right? ...

If you are struggling to get your first sale or it just seems to have slowed down a bit for you here is my idea.....

You announce a sale at 50 % of or lower..... let everyone you know that this is a one time special offer .. friends family etc ...

Announce it on your banner in your shop announce it in the team forum, on your blog twitter about it facebook it ....and see what happens ...

This was an idea that one of the bigger sellers did when she first started her Etsy shop ...she says that it really helped kick start things... when she sent the item of she then offered a discount on their next order... this was before coupons so she paid back with paypal... we are lucky we don't have that hassle ...

Its an idea I think for some of you it could be worth doing.

So here is to a happy weekend... Keeping those people out there in our thoughts as they come to terms with their devastating lose.

Much Love


  1. I can't sew very well either~ :(
    I've been doing some buying with the Etsian Australian Flood Appeal that SarahsShoppe had posted before in the team forums

    I think it's run by DUST (the Australian street team) and they're asking Etsy sellers to donate their items if they can to sell and the proceedings are going to the appeal. I guess that's one way we could be donating our products (I may need to close shop a little laters... that's why i didn't offer to donate anything... )

    If it was a BnR and the sale happen that day so i can arrange the shipping in time before i go~ I'm all up for donating something~ :)

  2. This is s really lovely idea, can I take past from the UK?


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