Thursday, January 6, 2011

The Undiscovered Artists of Etsy Team NEEDS YOU !!!

That's right we need you...

I bet now your wondering what it is we need well I will bet straight to the point and tell you

We need more leaders ...

We are looking for around four leaders....
I wont white wash this at all ...
Being a leader is hard work.
It means at times you have to put your own thing aside and look at something else .....
It means you have sometimes have to run when all you really want to do is sit and be still.
It means having to carry something which you may want to put down.
When you say I want to be a leader it doesn't mean that tomorrow you say I don't want to be a leader.
So I guess its something you have to think long and hard about ....
Its like opening your shop up on Etsy and then three days later closing it just cause you didn't have a sale....

No being a leader means your in it for the long haul even when things get tough.

So are you leadership material...and its ok to say no...

We need and want leader for a few different areas... some of the jobs are harder than others...

So Leader number one.... BNR leader...
We want someone to really head it up... take charge of it and run with it... tough job I know... but if you take this role on you will not be excepted to do anything else... you don't even have to join in with the Treasury Challenge ... your baby will BNR and that will be it.
I have a few ideas on BNRs that I really do think we need to look at .. so once we have ourselves a solid Leader I will talk to them about it.

I really need two leaders for the next job... Welcoming Committee 
Membership will not be put on hold for ever... There are people out there that should be in this group who will contribute far more than others members do right now... They are the people I want to see... a solid TEAM
The leaders for this job would do many things.. welcome new members as they join... explain where things are like the blog the schedule the tags we use and so one... help them with any questions they may have about BNRs,  Treasury challenges... so ye basically your job would be MOM....

I would like to see someone step up to the role of keeping up with the forums ..there are things in the forums that I do think we should be aware of...  this isn't a hard job... its just a check in now and again throughout the day .....

I am then looking for someone to help me with the blog... I do have someone in mind but I would like to see anyone else come forward on this... you would basically be helping compel lists .... maybe contact sellers for me... just little stuff like that...
I run three blogs and the work load can sometimes be really hard... as much as I love to write ..I to STILL have a shop to run...and keep my other blogs going

Its really hard to make something work and be in 10different places at one time... and its not I cant do it... if I have to I will.. I just know that many of you have more to bring to the table than just being members...
so if your interested in any of the above me and tell me why you think you would be good at the job why you want to be a leader and what can you bring to the table ...
Cant wait to here from you


  1. Oh Tatter, I'd love to help, but as I told you once, my big problem is the language (I'm from Spain). I've to think a lot before writting anything and i can't do it fluently . On the other hand, the time difference, which is a problem with the BNR.
    Maybe when there are more spanish speakers I can help with that, or maybe there's sometinhg I can do that doesen't need to write too much...

  2. good point De ... let me think about this... Im sure somewhere I can find the perfect spot for you... would love you on board ... and hey I can read broken english... i write it myself lol

  3. Tatter, nice article. I am willing to run more BNRs, write for the blog occasionally, welcome people as they sign up, etc.

    However, I have a full time job that sometimes takes me out of state with no notice for weeks at a time. While I'm on fire duty I sleep in a small tent and do not have access to a computer and sometimes do not get cell reception.

    I'm thinking this prevents me from becoming an official Leader. As you know, I've been real active on the team and appreciate everyone's hard work. Let me know when and where I can help. AlphaDogPhoto

  4. Hello Tatter,
    I am available to help with the blog if you'd like. You mentioned having someone already in mind though so if that person is available then go ahead with them! Here if you need me though.

  5. I would love to help with Welcoming. I'm a stay at home mom and work from the computer almost every day. If you need my help, please let me know. ~Amanda

  6. I'm also would love to help with Welcoming.
    I'm disable but I think can do it. If you think I'm not so good for the job. But i WILL like to try.

  7. I would love to help with welcoming and I'm sure I can come up with a decent blog every once in a while. I only get about 1 or 2 hours to go on the computer a day (if that!) but I do use my android phone to check etsy when I'm on my breaks at work. (I'm a pharmacy tech, so can't have my phone on at work!) and I can respond to things on it.

  8. Hey Tatter Beans,

    I can help you out with the forums, if you need me? I am getting around better, learning more & more & things are finally a little easier for me on the computer & Etsy. If you are interested, I just will need more info!
    Thanks-Celia of O'Celia's Jewelry

  9. I appreciate all the hard work the Leaders of our team put in!
    although I can't commit myself to be a leader at this time, I would be more than happy to help out :]

  10. I am having exams at my university now so I am not as active as I could be.

    But... I love BnR and I would love to do them but I think, due time difference, it would be great to have, let's say 4 people responsible for the BnRs. Two persons teams. One from Europe and one from America in the Team.

    I work full time, study, have two kids, Etsy shop and I am a member of some woderful teams. So I know I will not be able to do Bnr by myself only. I have spare time on Thursdays and Fridays and this is the time when I can do Bnrs... On other days I could be a support.

    But on the other hand. I don't think that having a BnR everyday is a good idea. People get bored and tired with it.

    It's better to host one or two BnRs a week and make it big noise :-)))

    So if you think I can be useful - here I am :-)


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