Saturday, January 1, 2011

2011 Here We Come

Happy New Year team....

I am so excited about what the New Year has to bring us all,.

I remember as a child I would be very overwhelmed by the new year coming around and I still am as an adult but as an adult I am able to look beyond the expectations and see a path to take.

Do you often wonder where am I going with all this, why did I set this Etsy shop up.
I'm gonna take a pretty good guess why you did it, cause I think it may be the same reasons why I did to.

You want the world to know your an Artist.

Put aside money right now lets not even go there.

So how do we let the world know we are Artists?

I have a few ideas on that question...... I wrote last time about blogging and getting your face out there so lets begin there.


There is so much help out there for setting up blogs, but the key is you have got to want to blog if you don't have that desire then blogging will become a pain in the B**T to you.

You will need a name for your blog... name it after your business or come up with something that is related to you and your life.
Get a header, one team member has offered to help out in this area.  (HERE)


So the next step would be what do I blog about ....
I have a basic plan of what I blog about daily and I do try to stick to it... it doesn't always work but for the for most I do stick to it.

Linking up with others is always a good thing, there are blogs out there that invite you to join them on certain days ... some might be certain topics others are just link up talk about what you want.

Monday .... Much Love Monday .... so easy so simple but so lovely ... you post a picture of something you love but it must feature a heart in the picture... how easy 

I do I love to Pounce on a Tuesday... which I will make a team event if you are all up for it
I love to pounce is all about pouncing on undiscovered shops of Etsy... pounce is a feature Etsy use to help others find Undiscovered stores, I think I found some of you there.

Wednesday is a simple day if your a team member ... You can blog about our Team Challenge Treasury 

Thursday/Friday this is an Australian link up but has lost of people in from all over the world. Its called Flog Yo Blog Friday .(but if your not an Aussie you need to  flog on a Thursday) this is whatever you want to talk about link up.

Friday/Saturday again another Australian link up called This Week I'm Grateful for... this does take place on a Saturday but again if your not an Aussie its Friday for you.

Saturday/Sunday ... write about your work, talk about what your up to.... come up with another link up for us all the world is at your bloggy feet be imaginative... if you created such beautiful works of art then I'm pretty sure your imagination will stretch to coming up with a blog post

Here on Undiscovered Saturday will be our featured artist day ....
On a Sunday on my personal blog I use to share about A featured Artist not always Undiscovered but just something that caught my eye... I would be happy to start that up again if there was enough of us wanting to do it.

Remember the more people you connect to the more you face is out there....
Artist have a way of connecting and seem to come from very big circles... they are the circles you want to be in

So that is just some ideas...there are loads more link ups out there... and as the weeks go on I will reveal them to you... but for now lets not overwhelm

Hope this helps... hope this makes it just a bit easier ...

And as it is the New year I wanted to just point out a few articles I have read on Etsy... maybe you have seen them maybe you haven't ..always good to recap

Jump Starting January

Are Your Photos Frontpage Worthy?

Stretch Your Boundaries

Tag-o-rama With Descriptive Keywords

Have a wonderful day...and don't forget to pop into the Teams BNR


  1. Hello Tatter,
    I like this post. When I first started blogging it was incredibly difficult to 'find my voice'. I felt so silly talking about nothing and going nowhere- so I set up a schedule just like you suggest. It helped a lot, especially on nights when I was feeling especially chatty I could blog ahead and schedule them for days when I didn't have much to say.
    Having some structure to your blog gives it a nice natural ebb and flow, and aides the creative process.
    New bloggers need to know that it really doesn't take long to get to that place where you feel OK with writing to the invisible. Stick out those few first weeks and you'll be golden folks!
    Thanks for your hints and tips. You are well loved by us Etsy Undiscovered!

  2. Hi, great post and I just wanted to let you know that I have an award for you "stylish Blogger" award that it and you can stop by and pick it up at
    Have a fantastic day!


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